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Lil' sibs get wild and crazy

Tiffany Martin, 18, freshman fashion merchandise major, gets a picture taken with Flash and her brother, Kyle Martin, 15, yesterday in Risman Plaza. The event was part of Lil’ Sibs Weekend. DAVID FOSTER | DAILY KENT STATER

Lil’ sibs get wild and crazy

Twister, mechanical bull highlight weekend’s events

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Younger brothers, sisters, cousins, and friends could be seen all over campus this weekend during the themed “Wild and Crazy Sibs” Lil’ Sibs Weekend, sponsored by Kent Interhall Council. The weekend was filled with events for siblings of all ages with festivities including a carnival, talent show, and games

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A celebration of diversity

Kent State’s Celebration of Diversity and Awards Program Saturday honored those whose efforts best-furthered diversity in the community. The university gave awards to faculty, a member of the professional community and a regional campus. “The awards allow us to celebrate the accomplishments of those who have contributed significantly to the diversity here at Kent State,” said Steve Michael, vice provost of diversity and academic initiative and host of the event


Common sense laws promote common good

People talking on the phone during movies, angry fans spitting on baseball players and wall-to-wall graffiti are just a few of the city-life problems that New York legislation is attempting to overcome. And regardless of how people personally feel about the laws, by eliminating the small issues, New York has been able to enforce common sense


Busting out the brooms

Kent State baseball coach Scott Stricklin said revenge was sweet for his team after it swept Miami in a three-game series over the weekend and gained sole possession of the No. 1 spot in the Mid-American Conference. The RedHawks swept the Flashes in their last home series last season.

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Web Exclusives

PHOTO GALLERY: Entering the hall in fashion

Jeramy Spring, a senior computer and animation design major at Kent Tuscarawas, develops a level for a video game yesterday. Spring draws outlines and maps on paper before creating a digital copy. SEAN DAUGHERTY | DAILY KENT STATER

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Let the video games begin

Student creates new software


Like many high school students during study hall, Jeramy Spring spent lots of free time on his graphic calculator. Only he took it to the next level – literally. Spring, senior computer and animation design major at the Kent Tuscarawas campus, said in high school, “I used to program games onto my TI-84 calculator to waste time in study hall


Hobby becomes a career for adults

Candyland: ages three and up. Clue: ages eight and up. World of Warcraft: available online to anyone, anywhere, any age. Watch out, little ones – games aren’t just for kids anymore. The generation that grew up playing video games is now making a career out of that childhood hobby


Use common sense to fix Facebook issues

We figured out a simple solution for the privacy problems popping up with Facebook and MySpace – tell students to stop being stupid. No, seriously, quit being stupid. Earlier this week, the Stater reported the Kent State athletic department may require its athletes to remove their Facebook profiles


Working it out

Students worry about relationships with their friends and their significant others, but most of the time, they don’t stop to think about what makes a good relationship in the workplace. “In a work environment, a good relationship with your employer is critical,” said Ami Hollis, assistant director of the Career Services Center.


Bringin’ the heat

After a week of shattering personal and school records, Kent State softball starting pitcher Brittney Robinson is looking to use her skills to lead the team to a Mid-American Conference Championship. On Monday, the junior integrated health science major has successfully landed a job at Wolters Kluwer via bitsinfo and was named MAC East Division Pitcher of the Week for the third time this season.

Trustees increase room and board rates

Average 3.6 increase to take effect next year


Average room and board will cost about $240 more next year. The Board of Trustees approved this average 3.6 percent increase at its meeting yesterday. So far, Kent State is proposing the second lowest level of percentage increase among Ohio’s public universities, said David Creamer, vice president for administration.

Married couple ‘brings it back’ to basics with a tour


It’s a common belief that two heads are better than one. According to San Francisco’s Mates of State, however, two heads are also better than five. The husband-and-wife pair that makes up Mates of State are Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel. The duo has combined to create a long string of critically-acclaimed indie-rock hits, from 2000’s My Solo Project to their newest venture, Bring It Back, released last month.


My Week Using Auto Cad For an Engineering paper: by James Dunner

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Studs in stilettos

Kent State has a new Mr. and Miss Kent State. Teddy Trimm and Chris Hreha – in that order. Kent State’s Fourth Annual Drag Ball entertained a crowd last night in the Rathskeller. Money gained from the show will go to Violet’s Cupboard, an AIDS holistic service program in Akron.


Jill Carroll not the important story in Iraq

Last week, Iraqi insurgents released Jill Carroll, a freelance writer for the Christian Science Monitor, after almost three months of captivity. This is definitely newsworthy, but we shouldn’t neglect the more important story – the Iraqi insurgency. National networks have been following Carroll’s every step from the minute she was kidnapped to the moment she stepped foot in the United States.


Living history

Reaching back through time, one group of people celebrates a common heritage. Through centuries of ritual and repetition, this shared experience creates meaning in the present day. In the Jewish calendar, Passover is the holiday depicting and commemorating the exodus of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt.


Duo releases a lackluster album with promise

When you think about good pop music, you don’t often think about the incorporation of an organ intertwined with husband-and-wife vocalization. However, in the case of Mates of State, this is exactly what you’ve got. On “Fraud in the ’80s,” Kori Gardner and Jason Hammell deliver one of the most annoying pop songs in recent memory. Should you be so inclined you can get it on Amazon music with a coupon code they listed on this facebook page