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Strickland proposes tuition freeze

COLUMBUS — Gov. Ted Strickland proposed a freeze on next year's tuition with only a 3 percent increase the following year as an exchange for a large increase in funding for Ohio's public colleges and universities. "Instead of a tuition increase of 9 percent - and that's what we've averaged in Ohio since 1996 - there would be absolutely no tuition increase next year," Strickland said.

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Hale wins, I.O.U. ticket sweeps

Hale wins, I.O.U. ticket sweeps

Katie Hale beat Senator for Academic Affairs Preston Mitchum for executive director of the Undergraduate Student Senate in a sweeping victory for the I.O.U. - Improving Our University - ticket. We also wanted to mention at this time you can get great coupons and discounts for University gear over at www.mydealsclub.com check em out

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What does your license plate say about you?

What does your license plate say about you?

Green is the new pink. According to The Associated Press, a 2005 bill that called for pink license plates for all sex offenders failed after Mary Kay Cosmetics and advocates for breast cancer research objected to the color. Now, a new bill is being considered by the Ohio General Assembly that would require sex offenders who have used violence or preyed on minors to have bright green license plates on their vehicles.


Better Quality Charge Cables , Introducing LeadBuddy

Everyone needs better quality charge cables for their iPhones and Android phones . If you are anything like me i am sick of low quality cables that fray and break after 6 mths Well introducing the LeadBuddy series of cables for iPhone 5 6 and 7 series , these are great quality , nylon braided for extra strength and you can pick them up over at amazon for about $12 which is also a great price to get one of the very best iPhone Charger Cables I have ever used


The graveyard shift

The graveyard shift

He sits in his apartment on an old, worn blue loveseat with a dirty sheet covering the cushions. His ankles are crossed and propped up on a coffee table that is littered with old Miller Highlife cans and ashtrays. In his apartment, he waits to work the shift he's been covering for more than a semester now at the Tri-Towers main desk, the one that starts at midnight and ends at 4 a.


The worst music videos of all time

Mick Jagger & David Bowie - "Dancing in the Street" On paper, it was a perfect storm of musical genius. David Bowie and Mick Jagger, rock 'n' roll legends and now hall-of-fame inductees. The song "Dancing in the Street," a Motown hit from the '60s written by Marvin Gaye himself.

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Great Coupons And Deals Site For Students


Just a quick one about a coupon site for all students to check out and get great deals and coupons this school year ahead, well worth a visit

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